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Hey everyone.

So as you may have noticed, HACT is on a bit of a hiatus. 2015 was an awesome year and we had a ton of fun watching everyone learn and grow! We’re hoping things will start up again, but for now there’s nothing on the horizon.

Thanks for making it such an epic year, keep learning and we hope to see you again at some point!

Matt, Blair, Glenn & Erica


We engage the world’s 10-17 year olds with digital technologies and entrepreneurship; through awesome events and a supportive community.

Founders, Friends and Community

Where are they now? What’s happening in the future? Who was behind HACT?

After realising that there just weren’t enough young people skilled up to compete in hackathons, Matt championed the first hs.hact event. With great success, he brought together the founding team, and set about on making HACT a reality.

HACT wouldn’t have been possible without the epic work put in by our mentors, volunteers, friends and community. In particular, special mention goes out to our very own robotic overlord, who brought her event management skills (and battle bots!) to the table. Now with 2 of her very own startups, Erica is continuing to bring excitement to tech learning and entrepreneurship:

Do you guys remember when Mia took out our top prize at HS.HACT back in 2015? Not only did she write her very first mobile app, but she pitched her vision for a student focused STEM collaboration company. Well guess what, Mia’s just taken her first steps towards making that vision a reality! Make sure you head over to ‘Control N’, like it, and keep an eye on the awesome things to come!

There are so many volunteers, mentors, and students that deserve special thanks and recognition for sharing the HACT journey with us and making it a reality. While too numerous to list here, know that we appreciate all that you have done to help make this dream a reality! <3

Across the Net

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